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GENZOMAN: quick tip
GENZOMAN: when you do chara design
Whitestar2: I've never heard of Art Neuveau. But I'm a big fan of impressionism.
GENZOMAN: dont think in people
GENZOMAN: think in cats ;)
Quetzalcoatl: why cats =O?
Rei_Kinomoto: cats? XD
Whitestar2: The master has spoken!
Celesoran: ?
Whitestar2: Dwooooong/
magnaxeon: D:
Rei_Kinomoto: why master, why cats?
Yashi: jaja
GENZOMAN: see anime
magnaxeon: cats D: i hate/love cats  >.<
GENZOMAN: see disney
Whitestar2: XD
Whitestar2: Hmm...
Whitestar2: ?
GENZOMAN: see bugs bunny
Whitestar2: Yeah?
GENZOMAN: people see persons like... persons
Rei_Kinomoto: ahhh!!! la anatomia de lo cute! XD
jay: he's saying all the famous stuff is animals
GENZOMAN: cats are expresive
GENZOMAN: so if you see anime
Celesoran: oh
GENZOMAN: most of the expresions there
GENZOMAN: phisical and facial
GENZOMAN: is from cats
GENZOMAN: more than people
Dhu: really¿
Whitestar2: Wow.....
GENZOMAN: for example
Rei_Kinomoto: more that cats, they have baby anathomy
magnaxeon: D:
GENZOMAN: miyazaki movies
Celesoran: What?
Celesoran: really
Whitestar2: Really?
magnaxeon: DXX its so true D:
GENZOMAN: when people is scared or nervous or angry
GENZOMAN: their hair becomes...
Quetzalcoatl: mind = blown
Whitestar2: The hair stand up?
GENZOMAN: like cats when they are angry :D
Celesoran: wow
Whitestar2: I have learned a valuable lesson today...
GENZOMAN: that is present from nausica to  their last films
Celesoran: that is deep
Whitestar2: The master is so wise...
GENZOMAN: even the facial structure
Rei_Kinomoto: ahora que lo dices.... es verdad O-o
GENZOMAN: is the tipical inverted triangle of the cats
Cariman: como el chiguagua de tu logo (?) xD
Celesoran: verry deep
magnaxeon: xDDDD
Whitestar2: I feel.....INSPIRED! :D
GENZOMAN: is fun to see thinks like K on
GENZOMAN: because the girls
GENZOMAN: looks a lot more like cats than real people
GENZOMAN: i remember yoshiyuki sadamoto
GENZOMAN: the chara designer from evangelion
magnaxeon: :O
Whitestar2: Yeah, me too.
GENZOMAN: telling how he was inspired by cats to design rei ayanami and kaworu nagisa
magnaxeon: the answer every time is Cat !! >.<
Celesoran: WoW
Whitestar2: I know, it's freaky!
magnaxeon: the universe now a re a cat -_-"
Whitestar2: XD
magnaxeon: the people in anime / cartoon are cat tooo >.<
magnaxeon: T-T
Rei_Kinomoto: Interesting
Whitestar2: So now...I begin my quest to draw cats.....
Rei_Kinomoto: but, what about Shideh style? they look like cats?
Celesoran: I think we just got an art lession
Yashi: magna
Yashi: magna como t esta llendo en la U?
GENZOMAN: people likes their cats more than other people :D
Whitestar2: XD
Rei_Kinomoto: In my case, I like my dog more than other people XD
Whitestar2: So, is this the myth of the Zombie Barbarians?
magnaxeon: :O
Whitestar2: Yep, I'mma dog person.
magnaxeon: biien yashi !
magnaxeon: un pokiitin
GENZOMAN: the point is
magnaxeon: abrumadora
Yashi: aaa q wenu
magnaxeon: y orenosa
Yashi: xd
magnaxeon: pero
magnaxeon: biien
magnaxeon: y a ti ?
Yashi: mmmm
GENZOMAN: most people see animals like a cute thing
Yashi: mejor dejemoslo ahi xDDD
magnaxeon: xDDDDDDDDD
Whitestar2: Yep. :D
GENZOMAN: thats why if a design remember you an animal, it tgonna be easy to be read as an agradable chara design
Whitestar2: Uh-huh.
Celesoran: wow I wish my friends heard that
Celesoran: wow
Whitestar2: You could copy-paste it.
Rei_Kinomoto: In fact I see a program talking about the character desing and they said that they have baby anathomy
sobarzo: YOU MOM ATE MY DOG xd
Celesoran: i know
Celesoran: what
Celesoran: good Idea
Celesoran: lol
During GENZOMANís live stream on May 15th 2011 he decided to give all of us a art tip. This tip was so amazing, insightful, and inspiring that I couldnít help but want to share with everyone especial with my friends on DA.

I hope you all take his wonderful words of wisdom and put them to good use (for how often do we get such amazing mind-boggling advice from such an awesome artist here from DA)

Please note that I just copied and pasted Genzoman's livesteam chatroom onto Microsoft word

Also The photo also belongs to Genzoman (NOT ME!!)

I give all credit to Genzoman for it was Genzoman's tip

Genzomanís DA [link]
GabeRamos Featured By Owner May 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
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I know right!!
GabeRamos Featured By Owner May 19, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Yeah :)
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